• Chicken & Turkey

    • BBQ Chicken

    • Chipotle Bar

      chipotle seasoned chicken pieces, black beans, rice, salsa, chips, sour cream, lettuce & cheese.

    • Hickory Smoked Boneless Chicken Thighs

      also available in a Honey Mustard Glaze.

    • Slow Roasted Turkey or Chicken

    • Smoked Boneless Chicken Breast

      marinated in an Italian sauce & slowly smoked to perfection.

    • Stuffed Chicken Breast

      filled with homemade filling.

    • Beef

    • Boneless Rib Eye

      rubbed with our specialty seasoning, smoked & slow roasted to perfection.

    • Marinated Roast Beef

      marinated with a variety of spices & herbs, slow roasted to perfection.  Served sliced in its natural juices.

    • Meat Loaf

    • Smoked Beef Brisket

      rubbed with our specialty seasoning & smoked for 12 hours.

    • Pork

    • Baked Ham

    • BBQ Baby Back Ribs

      rubbed with our specialty seasoning & slow smoked in our Rotisserie.

    • Ham Balls

    • Ham Loaf

      prepared with a brown sugar & vinegar glaze.

    • Hot Sausage

      served on a roll with sliced peppers & onions.

    • Pulled Pork - BBQ or Plain

      BBQ or Plain

    • Smoked Pork Chops

    • Lasagna

    • Baked Meat Lasagna

    • Vegetarian Lasagna

      noodles, variety of vegetables, white sauce, tomatoes, ricotta & mozzarella cheese.